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The new Vectra Fitness VFT-100 Functional Trainer gym allows multi plane and multi-joint user defined resistance training in an unstable environment.

This core stabilization training style is popular with, and in many cases, preferred by personal trainers and physical therapists. Why? Because this style of training is shown to better prepare people for movements that occur in daily life, movements that involve the whole body working together. An example would be picking up and moving a bag of groceries, or swinging a golf club.

Those interested in injury prevention, performance enhancement, and increasing the body's resting metabolic work rate to help encourage weight loss will love the Vectra VFT-100.

  • The VFT provides many exercise possibilities including the popular high position cable crossover exercises, and cable handle, weight-bearing ball squats.
  • The user may elect to use an exercise ball or other core engaging apparatus with this exciting new gym.
  • The VFT bench easily attaches to the low center pulley, providing an easy to use option for upper and lower body exercises (i.e., lying prone hamstring curls, seated leg extensions, decline bench presses with cable handles, etc.).
  • The wide position dual arms are adjustable to 23 positions, from 6' high to 4" off of the ground. At the ends of these arms are pulleys that swivel 540 degrees (not limited to 50 degrees).
  • The VFT offers both high and low position middle pulley locations. This allows for a huge variety of dual handle rows and lat pull downs from a position that doesn't require you to physically change your location.
  • Sport specific grip attachments (sold separately) will allow users to train their sport specific motions with resistance, helping build directly applicable strength for their activity. Can you imagine attaching an actual golf club grip, baseball/softball bat handle, or tennis racquet handle directly to a cable end?
  • At a 4' x 7' working footprint and an adjustable top height between 6'6" and 6'11", the VFT will fit in most rooms.

Available Options

  • VFT Accessory Rack
  • 8 and 5 pair dumbell rack
  • Various accessory handles (see photo below)
  • 2-1/2 and 5 lb. add-on plates


To see how vesatile the VFT-100 is click the below links to view included exercise posters.

VFT-100 poster 1 VFT-100 poster 2
Vectra • VFT-100
Vectra • VFT-100

Vectra • VFT-100 Vectra • VFT-100 Vectra • VFT-100
Vectra • VFT-100

From a 15 degree decline to a shoulder press position, the VFT bench features 7 different training angles. Sturdy wheels make positioning easy and automatic locking mechanism keeps the bench securely in place. Since this bench doubles as the perfect place for dumbell work, optional 5 and 8 pair dumbell racks are available to store your dumbells within easy reach.

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