Covered Tension Resistance Tubes

Do you need a portable go-anywhere fitness solution?

Try these Covered Tension Resistance Tubes. It helps you by targeting a variety of muscle groups. This product works the whole muscle, including the stabilizers and provides tension throughout the entire movement of your exercises.

Product Features

Tension Resistance Tubes work the whole muscle, including the stabilizers, more effectively than free weights and machines. This means increased efficiency and a healthier, stronger, look and feel.

Tension Resistance Tubes not only burn fat and help you lose weight but with circuit training can provide a great cardio workout

Tension Resistance products complement your ongoing rehabilitation programs as they provide a low resistance alternative to traditional weight lifting.

Extremely lightweight and the ideal portable fitness solution. Stay fit when traveling and save space when you workout at home.

Improve range of motion and flexibility with ongoing Tension Resistance training.

• Available Resistance: 10 Lb 15 Lb 20 Lb 25 Lb

• Double Tube - 40 Lb Double Tube - 50 Lb

• Commercial Grade

•• Commercial Warranty - 3 years - except on normal wear and tear

Ciber • Pilates Ball • Poz A Ball 19cm
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