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The Trident Challenge AR Rower is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that offers an exceptional strength, endurance and cardio workout. With water based resistance, the Trident Rower delivers a smooth workout that has no cables and no dead zones. As you indulge yourself in this calorie blasting exercise, you can even hear and see the water churning in the tank. It's the closest thing to actually being on the water and you'll love every second of it.

Unparalleled Rowing Performance

The Trident Challenge uses water to power the variable fluid resistance. The unit features an easy-to-adjust resistance system that can take your workout from feather light to an Olympic style challenge with just the turn of a dial. Not only does this difference bring you more of a challenge, but it provides the same benefits of real rowing. It is ideal for all fitness levels and offers the variety you need to mix up and constantly challenge your training.

Health Benefits

Rowing provides a vast amount of health benefits. Using a water rowing machine can help to build and tone muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular function, increases your stamina and can be therapeutic. Rowing also burns calories, and it burns them fast. Making it a perfect addition to any workout regimen where weight loss is your top priority.

Quality Design

Flawlessly smooth. Complete with a durable belt drive and triple bladed impeller system, you'll find working out on the Trident Challenge is a smooth and friction-free experience. Add to this the oval steel tube construction and the result is a durable and innovative machine. The Trident Challenge AR Rower stores vertically and comes with built-in wheels, making it easy to store away tidily when not in use. Making it a perfect addition to any home!

Comfort and Support

Supporting you at every move, the rower features a comfortable seat that shapes to your form. Completed with a textured finish, it prevents any slipping so you can feel completely secure. The Trident also features ergonomic handlebar for reduced strain.


First Degree Fitness • Trident Challenge AR


Patented fluid resistance technology: Tough polycarbonate tank and triple bladed impeller system provides strong, smooth, quiet motion

Adjustable resistance: Adjust broad range from min to max at the turn of a dial

Strong construction: 100 x 50mm oval steel tube construction with heavy duty seat rail

Performance Monitor: Multi-level computer displays time, distance, 500m split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training and optional heart rate monitoring (required heart rate kit and belt sold separately).

Comfortable Seats: Runs on precision bearings and low friction Delrin rollers for absolute smoothness

High-quality seat rail: Anodised aluminium rail is strong, durable and smooth

Ergonomic Handle: Intelligently designed to prevent strain on arms, wrists and hands

Pivoting footplates: Perfectly balanced to pivot on the line of thrust with no need to adjust for foot size

Build In transit wheels: Easy to move around on any surface


• Product dimensions (L x W x H): 215 x 80 x 100 cm
(84.6 x 31.5 x 39.4")

• Upright storage dimensions: 53 x 51cm (21 x 20")

• Maximum user weight: 150kg (23.6st)


• 5 years frame

• 3 years tank and seals

• 2 years mechanical components

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