Urban Poling • Series 300 - Fitness Edition

The Urban Poling Series 300 "Fitness Edition" is our #1 Selling Nordic Walking Fitness Poles! The Urban Poling Series 300 "Fitness Edition" is also rated the #1 Nordic Walking poles for customer satisfaction for all ages and all fitness levels. One size fits all and are ready to ship - FAST shipping.

The Series 300 "Fitness Edition" poles have been successfully used by thousands of people in Nordic Walking classes all across Canada.

Our exclusively designed poles have the following unique features:

  • The ERGO/CORE strapless handle is designed to more effectively target major core muscles (One mile of walking equals 1800 abdominal muscles contractions and 900 of lateral back muscles). The ergonomic handles drastically absorb shock and vibration when poling on city surfaces reducing the transfer of energy directly into your arms, preventing joint injuries.   
  • Our one size fits all telescoping poles with a premium locking system is the perfect travel companion and space saver.  Ideal for individuals between 4’2” and 6'2" in height. Unlike other fix length poles on the market the variable length can be easily adjusted to each person’s body proportions and is ideal for perfecting the basic training technique, users can also adjust the poles depending on the terrain.
  • The Urban Traction Tips are designed to help to reduce stress on hip and knee joints while propelling the walker forward at a greater speed than walking.  This fitness activity also provides an increased workout and promotes better posture. Under the boot-like tips are durable carbide metal tips (for snow, ice, beach + trail).

All Urban Poling products come with a 100% comprehensive two year product guarantee.

Urban Poling • Series 300 - Fitness Edition
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