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ATOP Sports PR1100 Power Rack


The ATOP Sports Power Rack is a great all around power rack that is both functional and affordable. This practical, 83.5 inches tall power rack features steel uprights, a multi-grip pull-up bar, safety spotters and a reliable pair of J-hooks. The J-Hooks and safety spotters can be placed into any one of the Uprights's 20 adjustment slots.

It's an excellent power rack in terms of both quality and size, making it well-suited for rooms with a lower ceiling. The rack provides you with a sturdy and stable set-up that allows you to progressively increase your strength and power training.   


Health Benefits

Regular strength training has been shown to deliver a host of benefits including increased muscle tone, decreased body fat, improved energy levels, a reduction in stress, and improved cardiac output.





  • Steel construction
  • Safety spotters
  • Multi-Grip chin-up bar
  • 2" Hole Spacing from 23" to 73"
  • Colour: Brown
  • Footprint: 57.5" (Width) x 47.5" (Depth) x 83.5" (Height)


  • Footprint: 57.5" (Width) x 47.5" (Depth) x 83.5" (Height) 
  • Construction: Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Colour: Brown
  • Adjustable Slots: 20 
  • Accessories: (1) Pair of JHooks, (1) Pair of Safety Spotters, (1) Pull-Up Bar (1) 


Residential Warranty: 

  • 1 Year warranty under normal usage


Commercial Warranty:

  • Not applicable
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