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Magtonic Zen Pro TVR4900 Vibration Plate

Zen ProRTVR-4900 this easy to use vibrating platform is equipped with a user-friendly virtual coach console. Mainly for lower body training and also can help upper and core training. The training will improve your muscle endurance, explosive strength, bone density and avoid exercise injuries, muscle atrophy. It also can be used as an aid for warming up or cooling down prior or after exercising.


Increased Blood-flow

Whole body vibration training causes the muscles in your body to contract at an increased rate which causes the blood to circulate in your body more efficiently, while at the same time stimulating the lymph glands.  Increased flow of lymph fluid through the body will help to strength your immune function and better blood circulation will ensure that every cell in your body receives adequate oxygen and nutrients.

The benefits don’t stop there. Other benefits of vibration training include improved posture, reducing cellulite by stimulating collagen production, aiding in improved flexibility and balance with a proper workout routine, and increased fat burn. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people are taking the plunge into vibration plate training.


Sports & Health performance

  • Enhances whole body muscles training.
  • Enhances body control and balance.
  • Increases bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Increases blood circulation and enhances metabolism.
  • Improves stressed muscles.
  • Improves joint-disease-rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Improves lower back pain.
  • Warm-up before exercise and after exercise to relieve muscle 



  • Medium-intensity Tonic Vibration Reflex.
  • The backlit LCM console display showed clearly visible workout status.
  • 4 user-friendly training programs with 1 Manual mode, easy to operate and follow.
  • Non-slip handlebar allows user easy to hold and training from various angles.
  • Unique dual tensile-straps offers user enhance training for upper arms.
  • Wide vibrating platform with a hi-steadiness stabilizer and anti-seismic rubber, use of safety.
  • High coefficient of spring design, provides the best effect of whole body vibration training.


Console Features: 

Zen Pro personal coach training guides integrated on the graphic backlit LCM display, showing training time and frequency  with guiding the user through the TVRR WBV training programs without the need for expensive personal trainers.

  • 4 personalized exercise programs (total body, upper-body, lower-body, abdominals ), each one carrying 16 different postures
  • 1 Manual mode
  • Timed from 1 up to 10 minutes, in 30 seconds interval



Electronic components - 2 years
Motor - 2 years
Main Frame - 5 years



Product Name

Zen ProR TVR-4900


120 Vac / 60 Hz and 230 Vac / 50 Hz


20 Hz ~ 50 Hz


1.5 mm


800 N


DC Motor 1.0 HP

Console Display

Backlit LCM ( LCM size : 7 cm x 3 cm )

Exercise Program

?4 Training Programs : Total Body, Upper body, Lower body, Abdominal
?1 Manual mode : user can adjust time and frequency

Workout Display

Posture Exercise Program, Exercise Time, Frequency, Exercise Group

Panel Key

Programs, Time, Frequency, Start & Stop, Manual

 Maximum Load

140 Kgs / 308 Ibs


(L) 93.3 cm x (W) 74.9 cm x (H) 142.6 cm
(L) 36.7 inch x (W) 29.5 inch x (H) 56.1 inch


?NW. : 58.5 Kgs / GW. : 69.2 Kgs


CE, ETL, RoHS Compliant

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