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Northern Lights NL Battling Rope 1.0 in x 30 ft

Anybody looking to train for power and explosiveness will be more than impressed with the Northern Lights Battling Ropes. Training with the right battling ropes enables users to mobilize every muscle group while developing greater metabolic endurance, core stabilization, and genuine strength. It is a simple and universal tool that develops core strength, enhances cardio and burns calories.

In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, battling rope exercises increase strength and endurance of the shoulders, back, abdominals, arms, hips, legs, and hand grip. The simplicity and effectiveness of battle rope exercises make them ideal tools for boxers, mixed martial artists, swimmers, baseball, tennis players, or anyone looking to take their fitness to a new level.

Durable Nylon Rope.

An up close look at the texture of the of battle rope. The nylon rope is a durable and water resistant material that allows the battle rope to be used almost anywhere without the need of a cover!

This NL Battling Rope is made of a tough nylon material. The rope itself measures 1" thick, 30 ft in length and weighs in at 9lbs. It is ideal for beginners or anyone not looking to focus on grip strength and focusing more on cardio and strength. The handles measure 1.5" in diameter and 8" in length. The handles are constructed of a hardened plastic and are perfect for training grip and hand strength.


  • 30 feet x 1.0 inch / Weight: 9Lbs

  • Features:
    • Durable and water resistant nylon material

    Handle Details
    • 1.5" Diameter
    • 8" Length


    One year on manufacturers defects (retail/home)

    90 days (commercial/club setting)

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