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Northern Lights Plyo Box, Set of 3, Hard Foam, 6", 12" & 18"


Plyometrics boxes are an excellent way for conditioned athletes to increase and develop their jumping, sprinting and explosive power. These Plyometric Platforms are versatile and can meet the needs of every athlete, no matter what their level of competition.

ltimate combination of durability, stability, and safety, with an extra-large landing surface of 30" x 36", athletes' fears of missing the box are eliminated. These plyo boxes are made with a 100% foam core that will not break down, delaminate, or soften over time, and covered with an easy to clean durable vinyl surface. The handles on the boxes allow for quick repositioning. Each box has eight 2" x 4.5" strips of velcro along both the top and bottom surfaces to enable stacking and prevent the boxes from slipping apart during use.

These bright, colourful, durable and impact absorbing plyo boxes will provide a unique addition to your gym. 




  • Foam core covered in durable vinyl
  • Can be used as a set of 3 or individually
  • Plyo Box set includes 3 Sizes:
    • 30" x 36" x 6"
    • 30" x 36" x 12"
    • 30" x 36" x 18"
  • Durable and impact absorbing
  • Designed to prevent injury
  • Velcro fixing straps to secure Plyo boxes together
  • Handles allow for quick repositioning



 Foam core covered in durable vinyl

  • Plyo Box set includes 3 Sizes:
    • 30" x 36" x 6"
    • 30" x 36" x 12"
    • 30" x 36" x 18"


90 day warranty on manufacturer defects
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