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Northern Lights Wobble Board Plastic, 39cm


This Wobble Board from Northern Lights Fitness tilts and rocks to challenge your balance and overall coordination.

Performing prescribed exercises on the balance board can help aid in injury recovery, flexibility, burn more calories and tone your core and arms. It's also a great tool to use in group exercise classes.

Balance boards are an ideal solution to help aid in a wide range of long-term wellness goals. From improved sports performance to preventing injury, the benefits of balance boards are numerous. More examples of benefits include increased strength of smaller muscle groups, enhanced awareness and reaction time, functional strength, hand-eye coordination, and increased energy for an active lifestyle.



  • 15.4" inch board diameter (39cm)
  • Actively increases hand-eye coordination
  • Increases energy for an active lifestyle
  • Supports development of core, balance, and coordination
  • 360 degrees of movement for a complete range of motion
  • Great for targeting the Legs, Abdominals, Glutes and Core Muscles
  • Regular use helps Improve Cardiovascular Conditioning, Body Composition and Overall Balance 
  • Supports users of up 220 lbs (100kgs)

* Colour may vary


  • Dimensions: 15.4" (39 cm) Diameter x 2" Height.
  • Adjustments: Non-Adjustable
  • Max User Weight: 220 lbs (100 kgs)

* Colour may vary


90 day warranty against manufactures defects

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