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Productive Fitness Laminated Chart - Dumbbell


Laminated Chart  - Dumbbell Core/Back/Chest & Lower Body

Dumbbells are one of the oldest, most commonly used, and best strength training tools because they extremely effective, yet easy to use. The dumbbell exercises on this poster work the core (abs and lower back) as well as the chest, back and legs. Dumbbells are a simple piece of equipment, they will increase your strength and improve your stamina, while burning calories and reducing body fat.

  • Brilliant full-color 24”x36” laminated poster by Productive Fitness Publishing demonstrates 17 dumbbell exercises.
  • Follow the poster’s illustrations and descriptions for variations on crunches, lunges, squats and calf raises.
  • Round out your routine with the bench press, deadlift, flyes, standing hip flexor, lying pullover, bent-over row, the bridge with dumbbell and the pointing dog.
  • Dumbbells are the ultimate tool to develop your core strength and coordination.

Aided by photos and step-by-step instructions, the chart clearly explains many exercises with dumbbells that develop lower body, back and core strength. Beginners and fitness experts alike will find this easy-to-follow poster makes a great addition to any gym wall. Protection of the spine during exercise is important and that’s why all the Productive Fitness posters teach how to attain and maintain proper torso stabilization while exercising.



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