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SPRI Pull-Up Assistor


Need help doing a pull up or looking to improve unassisted pull-ups? The Pull-Up Assistor is a 3-band system that provides pull-up assistance and promotes optimal form. Start by using all 3 bands, then remove bands as your strength increases. Or, add a band to include a few extra reps. This means better results, including increased strength in arms, shoulders and back, while creating a fast path to unassisted full body weight pull-ups.  Making it an excellent tool to help you reach your full potential. Includes 3 pull-up bands, a nylon bar strap, and locking carabiner.



Pull-Up Assistor Features:

  • Pull-up system that promotes optimal form
  • Modify level of assistance as strength increases
  • 3-band system with a bar strap and locking carabiner


  • Durable, high quality pull up assistance system
  • Adds assistance for pull ups while teaching correct form
  • Modify level of assistance until ready to do unassisted pull up exercises
  • Includes bar strap, quick-connect carabiner and three assistance bands
  • Item Weight: 748g (1.5 lb) 
  • Product Dimensions: 27.2 x 17.5 x 8.4 cm (10.7" x  6.9" x 3.3")


90 days on manufacturers defects

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