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York 5 Piece Gym Set

by York

The 5 Piece Gym Set from York brings you a variety of tools to bolster your fitness routine.

This convenient package features a Chest Expander, Power Twister, Cotton Skipping Rope and a pair of Hand Grips.

Its portability allows you to get in a quick workout any time of day, at home, the office or the gym.







Package Contents


5 Spring Steel Chest Expander

Features 5 steel, heavy-duty chrome plated springs and rugged moulded handles.The resistance level can easily be customized to the users liking by simply removing one or more of the steel springs from the handles. The chest expanders total resistance varies depending on the strength and length of your pull.

Chest expander exercises are excellent for strength training. The motion of pulling the cables apart places a tremendous amount of tension not just on your muscles, but also on the often-ignored tendons and ligaments that support those muscles.

They're a low-cost and effective solution for anyone looking to build strength and flexibility.


Power Twister (Extra-High Tension) 

This Power Twister provides an intensive workout for your chest shoulders and arm muscles.

The Power Twister is made from high-grade steel, making it sturdy and durable.

The bar features an extra-high tension Spring and black plastic moulded handles to make it comfortable to hold on to as well as allowing you to establish a firm grip over the bar without the metal bruising the hands.

Cotton Jump Rope 

This jump rope will help you effectively increase the intensity of your cardio workouts. 






Hand Grips, Pair

Strengthen the muscles of the hands, fingers and forearms while improving grip endurance with this pair of hand grips from York.

These hand grips feature smoothly contoured handles, steel springs and provide you with a challenging tension.

Hand grips build finger, hands, and forearm strength. They are ideal for developing strength and stamina safely and effectively while reducing stress at the same time. You can use them practically anywhere.

Great for strength training, sports training, and rehabilitation.










York Chest Expander

  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 4.75 inches
  • Handle Grips: 4.75 inches 
  • Resistance Levels: 5 
  • Handle Colour: Red
  • Removable Steel springs vary the amount of tension

York Power Twister

  • Dimensions: 25" Total Length
  • Material: Chrome Plated High-Grade Steel
  • Tension Spring Length: 10.75"
  • Resistance Level: Medium
  • Handles: Plastic Moulded
  • Straps: Nylon

York Cotton Jump Rope
  • Material: Cotton
  • Colour: Black Handles with White Rope

York Hand Grips
  • Material: Steel prings with plastic textured handles
  • Handle Grip Area: 3.5"
  • Colour: Black
  • Resistance: Medium
  • Sold as a pair


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