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Repairs & Maintenance


Our commitment to superior service is demonstrated with every customer, every call, every day. We maintain Ottawa's most qualified, certified and knowledgeable staff of in-house field technicians. To keep your equipment in top condition, Fitness Equipment Service & Setup also offers services, maintenance contracts. All of this contributes to the total fulfillment of our customer's expectations.


Recognizing the importance of preventive service, Fitness Equipment Service & Setup has designed a program focused specifically on reducing maintenance costs and down time for our customers. The fitness industry is very strong in equipment sales but weak in servicing equipment. Once warranties expire on new equipment, it is difficult to get the service support needed by the equipment vendors. This is where Fitness Equipment Service & Setup comes in. We are committed to our service and make it our priority. When on a Preventive maintenance plan, our technicians run through an extensive check list to be sure that all servicing is completed. Here are a few things that are done during schedule maintenance.

Cardio Check List

  1. Test for proper line or battery voltage on ANY unit the service call has been placed for.
  2. Remove necessary hoods and shrouds for visual inspection.
  3. Blow out dust collecting on electrical parts and vacuum it up. Vacuum under equipment as needed.
  4. Clean out dust collecting on electrical parts and vacuum it up. Vacuum under equipment as needed.
  5. Clean other dust and grime off equipment.
  6. Inspect belts, chains, bearings, etc.
  7. Check all fuses for continuity.
  8. Check distance of speed sensor from optical wheel or magnetic pick-ups.
  9. Check walking belt tracking and tension.
  10. Check walking belt and deck wear.
  11. Perform AC or DC amp draw to substantiate belt deck wear.
  12. Briefly listen for excessive bearing chatter.
  13. Make sure all connections are secure on lower electronics package.
  14. Recalibrate is applicable.
  15. Lubricate walking belt if needed.
  16. Lubricate worn gear on incline motor if needed.
  17. Dress drive belts/belts if needed

Strength Check List

  1. Inspect all strength cables/belts.
  2. Inspect upholstery on pads.
  3. Inspect adjustable seating and supports.
  4. Use all machines in an attempt to locate loose or noisy components.
  5. Tighten or lubricate any loose or noisy components.
  6. Tighten or lubricate any loose or noisy components.
  7. Clean guide robs and lubricate with light silicone lubricant.
  8. Check for any parts in need of imminent replacement.
  9. Make the customer aware of part/parts that need replacing.