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360 Athletics Evasion Belt, set of 2


This Evasion Belt from 360 Athletics is the perfect piece of fitness equipment for improving reaction speed and agility. 

The Evasion belt consists of two nylon belts joined together by a Velcro strap. Once the waist band belts are fastened, the "evader" must try to out-manoeuvre the "shadower". The shadower's goal is to try and reach for one of two, or both, tearaway Velcro flags positioned on the evader's evasion belt. 

Great for sports conditioning, personal training and boot camp workouts where one athlete tries to out-manoeuvre another. 


  • For use in partner evasion/shadowing drills
  • Simple One-size-fits-most, waist band attachment
  • Great for Dryland and on ice training
  • Pair of two tearaway Velcro flags
  • Nylon construction
  • Carry storage bag included



  • Material: Nylon Construction with Velcro Attachments
  • Size: One-size-fits-most
  • Belt Colour: Black
  • Velcro Flags Colour: Red
  • Includes Storage bag


1 year warranty against manufactures defects

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