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360 Athletics Jump Rope Cotton


Cotton Skipping Ropes are a great beginner rope for personal training, sports conditioning and boot camp workouts. Clients can increase their skipping rope technique and avoid the pain of having their shins whipped by a vinyl rope. Cotton skipping ropes also have a slower rotational speed which allows the user time to become accustomed to skipping. These thick braided cotton sash ropes are available in 8', 9', and 24' lengths. They include smooth wooden handles and ball bearings for smooth rotation.


Major Jump Rope Benefits:

  • Provides an excellent, lower impact, cardiovascular workout
  • Fun to use
  • Improved eye to hand coordination
  • Great fat burner




  • 24' ft Total Length
  • Cotton Material
  • Smooth Wooden handles
  • Ball bearings for smooth rotation
  • Slower rotational speed makes learning jump rope easier for beginners


  • Total Rope Length: 24' feet
  • Rope Material: Cotton
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Handle Total Length: 6"-inches
  • Handle Grip Length: 4.25" -inches


90 day warranty against manufactures defects

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Size: 8 feet