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360 Athletics Sling Shot 2 Man Overspeed Trainer


360 Athletics Sling Shot 2 Man Overspeed Trainer

The Slingshot Overspeed Trainer is a state-of-the-art fitness equipment tool used to dramatically enhance speed through use of overspeed training. It is perfect for sports conditioning, personal training and boot camp workouts. You can use the Slingshot Overspeed Trainer by yourself or with a training partner. If training by yourself, attach one end of the 20ft. resistance tubing to a secure object and the other to your belt . Beginners should start by stretching the tubing out to 30ft. Explode forward as you allow the Slingshot Overspeed Trainer to push your velocity beyond what you could normally reach.

Training with a partner or personal trainer follows the same setup, except one end of the tubing will be attached to your belt and the other to your partner's belt. As you brace yourself, either back pedal or have your training partner jog forward to build tension on the resistance tubing. Once the desired tension is reached, use the tension to propel you forward, building momentum at a rapid pace - have your personal trainer watch your movement while rapidly pulling the resistance tubing clear of your running path.





  • Rapidly increase speed
  • Immediately train at an increased velocity
  • 2 x Adjustable Belts
  • 1 x 20ft Safety-sleeve resistance tubing
  • Includes a carrying bag



90 day warranty on manufacturer defects
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