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360 Athletics Speed Ring Ladder Set


The Speed Ring Agility Ladder from 360 Athletics is perfect for adding variety to your personal training, sports conditioning and boot camp workouts! This fitness equipment set comes complete with 12 connected agility rings that can be configured into various formations for speed and agility drills. It also includes a storage bag. Many personal trainers and coaches use these for strict workouts and also fun games that require concentration on keeping a pattern while performing other drills. 



  • 17.5" inch diameter rings
  • Includes 12 connected Agility Rings: (4 in Purple, 4 in Red and 4 in Yellow)
  • Great way to add variety to your sports conditioning routines
  • Helps improve your overall speed and agility
  • Includes and easy to carry storage bag


  • Ring Diameter: 17.5 " inches or 19.5"
  • Colours: Purple, Red and Yellow
  • 12 Rings in Total
  • Storage bag included


1-year warranty against manufactures defects

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