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Aqua Punching Bag Torso Bruiser Bag, 160lb - Black


The human form of the Aqua Bruiser Bag allows you to perform both head and body strikes with more realistic combo training and movement. Look forward to more surface space and angles, to upgrade your boxing and fitness training. The Aqua Bruiser Bag is made with the same durability and materials as the original Aqua Punching Bag. As are all Aqua Training Bags, it is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Having this flexibility allows for users to easily expand their gym or facility. It’s also easy to fill, drain and transport!

The Aqua Bruiser Bag's unique shell design and water filling provides a sensation similar to making contact with the human body when striking it. Your energy is absorbed into its internal housing, allowing you to train longer and harder with more powerful combinations. Now you can learn how to punch through an object instead of simply hitting its surface. 


  • Best for Boxing, MMA & Self-Defense Training
  • Shape Replicates 6’1″ Male Torso
  • 1 Shackle & Hose Attachment Included
  • Weight When Filled: 160 lbs.

(Hanging chain not included)


Weight (Unfilled): 15 lbs
Dimensions: 30" x 15" x 11"

Fill Instructions:

  1. With a Phillips head screw driver remove the valve plug.
  2. Once you have removed the valve plug, attach the hose attachment to your hose.
  3. Before starting the water, place the tip of the hose attachment into the hole of the Aqua Bruiser Bag.
  4. When you have filled the desired amount of water, shut the water off and remove the hose attachment.
  5. Place the valve plug back into the bag and tighten with the Phillips head screw driver until snug.


2 years on manufacturers defects
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