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BOSU Commercial BOSU® Balance Trainer

by Bosu

Currently used in health, fitness, sports conditioning and rehabilitation facilities, and known industry-wide for training balance, building strength, fine tuning skills for sport, enhancing flexibility, and delivering killer cardio workouts, the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movement that requires muscle groups to work together. Use the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer dome or platform side down, combine it with other equipment, or use it as a stand-alone product to make any exercise fun, challenging, and effective.



Designed with added strength for commercial settings


    Featuring a new, improved design and durability, the BOSU® Balance Trainer has a bladder weight of 8 pounds, and a dually over-molded platform for extra strength.

You do not have to be a world-class athlete to benefit from balance training. Benefits include coordination, muscle isolation, weight loss, and core stabilization. Balance training is ideal and recommended for people of every age. Making it perfect for studios, home gyms clubs, and rehab centres.



  • Colour: Blue
  • Product diameter – 65cm or 26”
  • Maximum user weight limit – 350 lbs.


  • BOSU Balance Trainer
  • Owner's manual
  • Hand pump


1 year limited for commercial and home usage
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