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Elliptical Trainers • Octane Fitness • Zero Runner ZR7

by Octane
Elliptical Trainers • Octane Fitness • Zero Runner ZR7

The ZR7 was created to meet an audacious goal: to provide a true running experience with zero impact. The ergonomics of the Zero Runner fits users of all sizes. Simulate walking with short strides, or take full advantage of the ZR7’s design, and increase speed to replicate an all-out running motion with strides up to 58 inches.

The ZR7 also educates you about your stride and form. Built-in intelligence traces your stride while you walk, jog or run so you can track the health of your form and ensure that you are performing strong throughout your workout.

Key Mechanical Features

• Natural motion that replicates walking,
 jogging or running

• Dynamic stride length up to 58″ to fit
 users of all sizes

• Patented hip and knee joint

• Intelligence that traces your stride

• Console displays all essential workout

• SmartLink compatible

• Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device

• Wireless heart rate
 (Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0)

• Digital contact heart rate

• Cordless power operation

Product Specifications

Max user weight: 300lbs (136Kg)
Footprint: – live area 38” x 63” x 59″
(97 x 160 x 150cm)
Product weight: 195lbs (89Kg)


Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 5 Years
Labor: 1 year

* Includes 4 AA batteries

Smarter Training

Zero-impact running

The Zero Runner cracked the code to replicate real running motion with zero impact. Incorporating the Zero Runner into your training schedule allows you to continue to add the miles but without the impact on your joints.

The pedals are independent so you have free motion and flexibility to create a customized stride to walk, jog or run that feels best to your body. The patented hip and knee joints on the Zero Runner facilitate this custom motion and natural stride – you can replicate exactly what you do outside.

Supplemental miles

Instead of simply adding additional miles — get more out of every mile by supplementing your training with the Zero Runner so you stay strong and prevent injuries.

Whether you’re starting an exercise program, running career or an experienced marathoner, you will benefit from the zero impact on your body, ultimately resulting in superior running performance.

Build your endurance, strengthen your muscles and look forward to your next run outside by combining the best of both worlds with the Zero Runner and outdoor running.

Cross Training

One of the best ways to stay injury-free during your running or workout program is to cross train. Whether you’re a walker, exerciser, weekend warrior or ultra runner, everyone can benefit from cross training on the Zero Runner to reduce the risk of getting injured.

Cross training varies the stresses to the body so that overall conditioning improves and you strengthen your weak links.

Plus, cross training can decrease the tendency to overtrain by incorporating balance and variety, so you can stay injury free and keep working toward your goal.

Why You Should Replace Your Treadmill with a Zero Runner

Treadmills don't eliminate joint stress, and each step results in significant pressure on the body. Plus, your form on a treadmill is different than outside because you must adjust due to the moving belt.

The Zero Runner removes the weight on your joints so you can get your walk, jog or run in but without the impact. And, on the Zero Runner, your form is truer to what you do outside.

Stay as strong throughout your workout with the Zero Runner.

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