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Exercise Bikes • Northern Lights • 822


Jump start your training with the NL 822 indoor cycle. Bring one of the ultimate fat burning workouts right into the comfort of your workout room. Enjoy the Spin class experience with the commercial quality NL 822 Indoor Cycle. The smooth spinning action, easy to adjust resistance mechanism, and click in pedals will help you tone muscle, burn calories and build up the workout mileage you desire with ease. Get yourself motivated and fit with the NL822 Indoor Cycle on your own schedule!


Health Benefits
Your health is important. Spinning on the NL 822 Indoor Cycle is an exciting and healthy way to stay in shape. With an array of health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, burning calories, toning and strengthening muscles, and improved endurance, it's no kidding why it has become so popular. Spinning is also a low impact workout, making it perfect for rehabbing injuries and strengthening the surrounding muscles. As you Spin, you will also notice your core strengthening and toning. This happens from the natural rhythm your upper body creates as you move on the bike. Better yet, you can enjoy all these benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Heavy Flywheel
Never stop challenging yourself. The NL 822 Spin Cycle offers a generous 48.5 lbs (22kg) flywheel with adjustable resistance that will fill the need of any avid spinner. A heavier flywheel provides better momentum, allowing you to "spin" freely. This makes for a smoother and more stable ride as you keep increasing the difficulty in your work out, especially as you reach higher resistances. ? It is perfect for users who are looking to increase their athletic ability and endurance.

Adjustable Handlebars
Comfort is key. When riding any cycle, it is very important to keep in mind the position of your handlebars to maximize your workout. Cyclists should keep in mind what is called the fore-aft position. This is the correct positioning of the seat relative to the pedals and handlebars. If this placement is incorrect, riders can become very uncomfortable and muscles can become stressed. If you're not comfortable, you're not going to want to work out. To prevent these problems, the NL 822 Spin Cycle comes equipped with adjustable handlebars to make sure that the bike fits ever user appropriately.

Stable Frame
Made with large oval tubing, excellent stability and 350 lb. user weight.

Micro Adjusting Handlebars and Seat
Get the most comfortable workout possible with handlebars that adjust vertically and horizontally

Frame Guard
Plastic cover protects the frame from any damage.

Quick Release Ratchet System
Provides quick and easy incremental adjustments of the seat post and handlebar.

Sweat Hoods
Built into the frame to protect the flywheel and brakes from corrosive sweat.


Product Specifications & Warranty

Flywheel: 48.5 lbs (22kg)
Resistance System: Adjustable resistance w/ resistance knob
Seat Adjustments: Micro-adjustable vertical and horizontal
Handle Bar Adjustments
: Micro-adjustable vertical and horizontal
Product Dimensions: 45"L x 20"W x 54"H
Product Weight: 159 lbs (72kg)

Frame Finish: Powder coated
Handlebar: Rubber Coated
Pedal System: Pedals with clips
Drive System: Chain drive
Warranty: 3 yrs frame, 1 yr parts & 90 days wear items
(Commercial & Residential)

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