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Extra Deep Massage Roller


Using a variety of soft knobs, our Extra Deep Massage Roller gets into the spots that traditional foam rollers are not able to. Foam rollers are excellent for stretching, self-massaging, body support, and stability exercises. Another benefit is it helps your muscles relax by activating the sensory receptors connecting your muscle fibers to your tendons. The result is better blood circulation, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance.


  • Designed to massage and stretch your muscle and soft tissue
  • Helps deepen challenging poses and maintain proper alignment
  • Enhance balance, pilates core abdominal, back stabilization, body awareness
  • Can be used for fitness, therapy or massage
  • PVC hollow core

Product colour may vary




  • Dimensions: 13" x 5.5"
  • Foam Rubber
  • Hollow Core


90 day warranty on manufacturer defects
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