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First Degree Fitness E316 Rower, Silver


Industry-best on-water rowing emulation with natural catch, feel and adjustable resistance from feather light to Olympic rowing; the E316 Rower will suit all needs and aspirations for users of all types, whilst providing an innovative, reliable and virtually maintenance free addition to your workout area. The E316 provides a real rowing experience with the closest rowing emulation possible– it’s like rowing on water!

Industry-Leading Construction

The robust construction of the E316 Rower inspires confidence and challenges users to explore and exceed their limits. Dual seat rails provide enclosed roller surfaces for a cleaner, smoother and safer rowing experience. The unique Direct Drive design ensures that you the feel, hear and experience the water in the tank. It’s the closest thing to actual on-water rowing available and you will love it.

For All Types of Users

Adjustable resistance at the turn of a lever keeps users challenged, motivated and engaged. The patented twin tank system delivers a massive range of resistance to suit all rowers, from everyday users to professional athletes and oarsmen. It is instantly adaptable to each individual and encourages progression as fitness levels and abilities improve. You'll never outgrow a Fluid Rower.

Small Footprint

The small footprint, easy mobility and compact storage makes the E316 Fluid Rower ideal for group classes, cardio areas or home gyms. With superior aesthetics, user engagement and versatility, the E316 puts excitement and fun back into the rowing category. Virtually maintenance free, this exceptional machine will engage you in one of the most effective forms of exercise available.

Product dimensions (LxWxH):
 82.6" x 32" x 40" 
Vertical storage: 22" x 29.5"


Residential and Commercial Warranty

  • Metal Frame – 10 Year Limited Warranty*. Warranty does not apply to frame coating.
  • Polycarbonate Tank & Seals – 5 Year Limited Warranty**.
  • Mechanical Components (of a non-wearing nature) – 2 Year Limited Warranty***.
  • All Other Components (of a wearing nature) – 2 Year Limited Warranty****.


Specific Inclusions

  • Bungee recoil cord, belt and pulley Hand grips & foot straps
  • Polyester rowing belt
  • Seat
  • All pulleys, rollers & bearings
  • All rubber components
  • Computer & speed Sensor (excluding replaceable batteries)
  • All drive belts
  • Aluminum seat rails
  • Sliding Footplate
  • General Exclusions
  • Damage to the finish of any part of the machine
  • Damage due to neglect, abuse, incorrect assembly or use of the machine
  • Any charges for freight or customs clearance associated with the return or dispatch of parts
  • Any damage to or loss of goods during transport of any kind
  • Any labour cost associated with a warranty claim

General Conditions

  • The serial number of the machine must be correctly registered with First Degree Fitness Limited or one of its appointed distributors
  • FIRST DEGREE FITNESS Limited reserve the right to examine any part where replacement is claimed under warranty
    Warranty period applies only to the original purchaser from the date of purchase and is not transferable
  • The product must be returned to your place of purchase in original packaging with transportation, insurance and associated charges paid for by you and risk of loss or damage assumed by you
  • FIRST DEGREE FITNESS makes no other warranties except as stated here and expressly disclaims all warranties not stated in this warranty. Neither FIRST DEGREE FITNESS nor its associates shall be responsible for incidental or consequential damages
  • Manufacturer's warranty automatically commences upon sale of the product to end user or upon the expiration of one (1) year from month of manufacture, whichever occurs first


* FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace the metal Main Frame of the Rower should it fail due to
any defect in materials or workmanship within 10 years of the original purchase. 

** FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace the polycarbonate Tank or seals should they fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 5 years of the original purchase.

*** FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace any mechanical component should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 2 years of the original purchase.

**** FIRST DEGREE FITNESS will repair or replace any component should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 2 years of the original purchase.


  • Tank: Blue polycarbonate tank with contrasting seal delivers smooth resistance
  • Adjustable fluid resistance: 16 levels adjusted by a lever to suit all users
  • Durable belt drive: Direct Drive System (patent applied)
  • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM): Displays time, speed, distance, stroke rate, calories per hour, watts and optional heart rate (heart rate belt sold separately), interval training manual programs, quick start and USB port for interactive programming
  • Heart rate monitoring: via included receiver
  • Super comfortable seat: "Office height" for easy access 
  • High quality seat rail: Hardened anodized aluminum rail runs on with Air Glide low friction seat rollers
  • Deluxe ergonomic handle with Dyneema® cable: No noise or lubrication and comfortable grip minimizing strain on forearms, wrists and hands
  • Height adjustable footplates with Advanced Heel Cradle: Ensures ideal foot placement and comfortable positioning
  • Rubber adhesive feet: Adhesion to floor surfaces and prevents damage
  • Extended transport wheels: Move easily from place to place

Product dimensions (LxWxH): 82.6" x 32" x 40" 
Vertical storage: 22" x 29.5"
Maximum user weight: 150kg (330lbs).

BOX 1:

  • 1090 x 580 x 420mm (42.91 x 22.83 x 16.53″)
  • Nett Weight 50.0kg (110.2lb)
  • Gross Weight 60.0kg (132.3lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.2656 (9.38 cubic feet)

BOX 2:

  • 1290 x 125 x 95mm (50.78x 4.92 x 3.74″)
  • Nett Weight 4.8kg (10.6lb)
  • Gross Weight 5.1kg (11.2lb)
  • Cubic Metres 0.0152(0.54 cubic feet)


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