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Northern Lights CrossBox GHD Mini Leg Hold Down Attachment


Using GHDs can help focus your training on your hamstrings, glutes, lower back, abdominals and core. These muscle groups contribute to day-to-day activities such as jumping, running, sitting down and proper posture. The problem is, most GHD pads require a workout partner. The CrossBox Mini Leg Hold Down Attachments helps solve this problem by allowing full use of your partner assisted GHD pad, without the need for a partner! 

The kit is simple, it attaches to any 2" x 3" rig and gets locked in place with a simple pin. It features an adjustable height (5 positions) to accomodate users of all sizes and comfortable 4" diameter pads.  Start training with your Glute Ham Developer today and take advantage of a huge variety of workouts including glute raises, hip extensions, back extensions and even sit-up variations. Once you start training you will also notice improved posture, muscle balance, improved core strength and even overall injury prevention!




  • Easy to install
  • Foam Pads for Comfort - 7.75" (W) - 4" (Diameter)
  • Adjustment levels: 5 slots - 2.75" of adjustment

Please Note: GHD pad sold seperately


  • Product Dimensions: 5" (L) x 18.5" (W) x 6" (H)
  • Adjustment levels: 5 slots - 2.75" of adjustment
  • Pad Dimensions: 7.75" (W) - 4" (Diameter)
  • Includes locking pin

Packaging Info

  • Dimensions: 14"W x 26"L 
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs Packed in 1 Bag


Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty against broken welds and manufacturing defects.
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