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Strength Systems • Northern Lights • Decline Olympic Workout Center Bench


This olympic bench enables users to enjoy a variety of exercises and optional features. The Ergo-Tech pad can be adjusted from the decline position into a shoulder press position. It also accepts many Northern Lights options.


Product Code: NL-DOWBG

Length: 52 in

Width: 48 in

Height: 66 in

Weight: 99 lbs

Number of Incline Positions: Various

Number of Decline Positions: 1


Charcoal Grey powder coat finish, 11-14 gauge steel construction

Upholstery: Black injection-moulded contour padding

Attachments Provided: None

Leg Extension/Leg Curl: Optional

Lat Pull Down: Optional

Low Row : Optional

Arm Curl : Optional

Safety Spotters : Optional

Pec Deck : Optional

Low Row/Calf Raise: Optional

Warranty: Limited lifetime against broken welds and manufacturing defects on all products.

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