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Northern Lights NL E6000 Commercial Elliptical


The NL E6000 Commercial Elliptical provides smooth, natural, low-impact workouts that help you get results. Featuring 6 preset programs, a built-in fitness test, and a smooth and comfortable stride, the E6000 is a great choice for any fitness regimen.

Health Benefits
Elliptical trainers allow your body to emulate a running motion without causing the strenuous impact on your joints, providing a low-impact workout. Using a low-impact cardio machine can aid in the recovery from surgeries/injuries, or joint conditions. Elliptical trainers are easy to use and will burn lots of calories, aid in weight loss, engage leg muscles, and provide cardiovascular benefits. Want to burn more calories? Try using the arm/upperbody feature of the elliptical and adding resistance. Now you are using another major muscle group and also burning more calories by the minute. Using the upper body feature will  challenge your arms, shoulders, back, and core with each step.

Console Close Up

A close look at the console of the NL E6000 Eliptical. Featuring readouts such as Watts, RPM, Time, Mets, Calories, Distance, Resistance Level, Heart Rate, H.R Training Zone, the E6000 has everything you need to monitor and record your fitness progress. Addtionally, the Dot Matrix console is powered by the self generating motor.

Premium Features

  • Moving handlebars for a total-body workout
  • Magnetic Resistance System
  • Built-in self generating power system
  • Handheld heart rate sensors located on fixed handlebars
  • Center water bottle holder
  • Dimensions: 82.95 inches / 210.7 cm (L) x 24.88 inches / 63.2 cm (W) x 70.07 inches / 178 cm (H)
  • Product weight: 90.5kg / 199.5 lbs
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