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Productive Fitness Fighthrough Olympic Lifts Chart


The FighThrough Fitness Olympic Lifting Instruction Posters from Productive Fitness are 18” x 24” laminated wall charts designed as visual guides for proper form, execution, and sequencing of Olympic weightlifting movements. Olympic Lifting can best be described as a coordinated effort of muscle strength, flexibility, and speed to lift a loaded Olympic barbell from ground to overhead quickly and with proper form in one of two ways – the Snatch or the Clean and Jerk. 

This poster identifies and demonstrates progression steps, and omissions, to properly perform the full snatch vs. power snatch, hang snatch vs. hang power snatch, full clean vs. power clean, and hang clean vs. hang power clean. Once you have first received proper instruction from a qualified trainer, use this poster as a guideline and/or reminder of proper form and sequencing.


  • Poster size: 18” W x 24” H
  • Poster weight (individual): 0.25 lb.
  • Laminated
  • Full-color illustrated exercise instructions
  • Suitable for framing or attach directly to wall


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