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Inspire Cross Rower CR2

by Inspire

The Inspire Cross Rower CR2 is an innovative fitness machine that provides an excellent core-building cardiovascular workout right from the comfort of your own home. With a full range-of-motion rowing action, the CR2 mimics the feeling and response of an outdoor water exercise. With a comfortable anatomically molded seat and smooth gliding action along the aluminum center beam, the ball bearing roller resistance challenges and tones up your back, shoulders, abdominals, and chest.

The Inspire CR2 is a must for people who love to exercise and keep fit. This exercise equipment is compact in size, making it ideal for fitness lovers who prefer to exercise at home. It will tone your muscles and stimulate your blood circulation. The CR2 also features easy seat adjustments and arm adjustments. This makes it an ideal unit for anyone. Multiple hand positions on comfortable foam cushioning make it easy to work different upper body muscles. The electronic monitor attached to the unit lets you see how many calories you have burned, the duration of the workout, and the number of rowing strokes you have completed. It can help you burn calories by the hour. This is the perfect machine for all ages and all fitness levels.


• Bi-directional resistance activates all the muscles of the

• Quick release bindings for safety

• 28 lb. flywheel guarantees a smooth motion

• Upper body handles offer multiple positions to vary the
 muscle involvement

• Seat and handles are both fully adjustable to
 accommodate different sized users

• Silent drive chain to minimize noise during exercise

Warranty (Residential)

• 10 years Frame

• 3 years parts

• 1 year Labor

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