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Strength Systems • Powertec • Leverage System


"Awesome look, real results!"

This great machine provides over 20 of the best free weight exercises in leverage form to build the entire body. The lever arm simply replaces the barbell making this the safest and most effective method of resistance training available! The patented linkage seat section provides numerous positions. The seat section is mounted on an axis allowing it to pivot out of the way, opening up the main lever section for power movements such as squats and rows. Also incorporated are a high/ low cable system and the leg extension/ leg curl with new side handlebar grip access and contoured padding making this an all in one machine. The arm curl machine accessory is optional and a great addition.


Model # WB-LS

L= 80"

W= 44"

HT= 82"

WT= 270 LBS

Weight load capacity

Press arm = 500 LBS

Lat machine = 350 LBS,

Leg lift = 250 LBS,

Squat bar = 300 LBS

Optional arm curl machine = 200 LBS
*Plates sold seperately

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