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Whole Body Vibration • Power Plate® • my3™


The Power Plate® my3™ model is the trimmest, most economical way to bring Acceleration Training™ exercise into any sized home or apartment. No matter how demanding your schedule, you can make room for three 15-minute full-body workouts a week on the smallest Power Plate® machine.

Key Functionality

Grade: Designed for home use

Color: Silver

Time: 60 seconds

Vibration: Tri-planar, mostly vertical, 35 times per second

Vertical Displacement: High/Low settings

Maximum Load: 264 lbs / 120 kg

Product Specifications

Maximum Load: 264 lbs / 120 kg

Frequency Range: 35 Hz

Frequency Adjust: 3 mats / varying thickness

Dimensions: 25 in x 32 in x 53 in / 65 cm x 82 cm x 134 cm

Machine Weight: 200 lbs / 91 kg

Power Supply: 90 – 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Nominal Power: .35 kW (in operation)

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