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Workout 180 Workout 180 Balance Trainer


The Workout 180 Balance Trainer is the perfect all-in-one unit for toning and strengthing your body. This personal gym incorporates strength, cardiovascular and stability workouts in one portable, easy-to-stowaway device. With several different exercises and moves available to each user, the Workout 180 offers a complete beginner to expert core workout. It can perform over 75 different exercises to help tone you upper body, lower body and core. It features a revolutionary band system that gives consistent resistance throughout your workout and transforms from a stable to unstable surface in seconds. Great for rehabilitation with varying levels of resistance.



  • 180 degrees of fitness application
  • 75+ exercises for a total body workout
  • 7 levels of resistance
  • Compact, portable and easy to store
  • Great for all fitness levels and for rehabilitation


  • Dimensions: 27.5" (L) x 17" (W) x 8.5 (H)
  • Weight: 20lbs 


  • Balance board
  • Push-Up frame
  • Resistance band system
  • 2 hand straps and 1 leg strap
  • Poster with 75 exercises
  • DVD with exercise routines


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